Elevate the customer experience across digital channels.

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All the channels, one single Platform

To enhance customer experience, centralize your digital tools, like email, SMS, WhatsApp and social media. Use them wisely to streamline processes and enable your team to perform optimally. This effort will help your business thrive and achieve goals. Let’s embark on this journey together!

An experience tailored to each client.

  • Unified 360 view all the conversations
  • Real Time Indicators. For the analysis and decision-making.
  • Inbound and Outbound massive campaigns.
  • CRM and REST services. Integration with multiple management platforms.
  • VIP users. Measure the level of influence to give them special treatment.
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Automation in Digital Channels

Welcome to the world of digital innovation! The rapid advancement of technology has opened doors to a variety of digital channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Twitter SMS, DM, Instagram DM, and Web Chat – to name just a few! With the introduction of intelligent chatbots infused with ChatGPT for domain-only context, the possibilities for enhancing the digital experience are limitless.

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100% Cloud.

Ready to be deployed in minutes and everywhere.

Automatic Distribution

It has a sophisticated service rules distribution algorithm to assign each conversation to the appropriate agent, optimizing service times.

Surveys Module

Customized templates to measure your customers’ satisfaction.

KPI indicators

For analysis and real-time decision-making of the care center.

VIP User Mapping.

Measure the level of influence to give them special treatment.

Reason Codes.

Labels to classify procedures and discover reasons for frequent queries.

360 View

View all your customers’ conversations in a unified way on any channel.

Massive Outbound Module

Includes a module to schedule mass sending of notifications for the WhatsApp channel.

Embrace these digital transformations and open new avenues for your business – the future is yours to shape!

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