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Business-level insights and foresight

Our solution will help you make informed business decisions by analyzing your data. We use the latest tools and techniques to ensure accuracy and reliability and provide insights into:
•Customer Behavior
•Market Trends
•Cost Analysis

Our Process

Discover every available opportunity with zero human intervention

A robot that will automatically discover every available opportunity to improve revenue, increase profit, minimize costs, and increase customer satisfaction. 

Cloud Base Solution

Secured and scalable SaaS solution tailored to specific business needs

Completely Automatic – Powered by AI

Self-learns and self-tunes, requiring zero human intervention

Targeting Profits

Helping decision-makers continuously track, predict, and improve profit drivers and grow profits every year.

Functional Service

A robot that will provide value insights and predictions by analyzing sales and profitability data.


An intelligent dashboard that decision-makers will use every day with no effort in every industry.


Provides unusual visibility and opportunity discovery for companies that use inventory or WMS systems. It monitors your stocks daily and analyzes demand, service levels, turnover, profitability, fractioning, supply risk, price, volume, unit cost variations, and more. 

Consumer Packaged Good CPG

Beverage and Food; makeup; household products Manufacturers.


Optimize inventory management, analyze customer data, and suggest products and offers increasing sales and customer loyalty.


Forecast demand, helping companies manage their supply chains more efficiently. Uncover conditions of product returns and reduce costs.


Improve logistics efficiency and reduce costs by providing logistics providers with AI-powered insights into their supply chains. 


It could identify patterns and insights in large amounts of financial data.

Many more industries and use cases, yours can be a new one.


A robot that automatically understands your business.

 A ready-to-use specialized AI solution that understands B2B companies and provides them with an incredible edge. You will know without effort if there is unusual bad behavior or ample opportunity.

We at ITCONNECTO strive for your business success.